Reviews and previews

This page lists reviews and previews that I have published.

My other publications are listed on the following pages:

Hall, H. (2014). Facilitating collaboration: a review. Presentation delivered at the doctoral defence of Maria Lassi, University of Borås, 11th June 2014. [Slides available from SlideShare.]

Hall, H. (2011). The critical assessment of research: traditional and new methods of evaluation. Library and Information Science Research, 33(3), 256 (DOI 10.1016/j.lisr.2011.04.002.) [Full text of published version available from ScienceDirect.]

Hall, H. (2010). Principles of knowledge management: theory, practice and cases. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 61(2), 430-432. (DOI: 10.1002/asi.21193.) [Full text of published version available from Wiley.]

Hall, H. (2004). Content management and search software: specification, selection and implementation. eLucidate, 1(6), 17-18.

Hall, H. (2004, July 15). In the groove at the Grove. A review of the Perfect Learning Conference. FreePint, 163. [Full text available].

Hall, H. (2004). Introductory comments to 15 ways to support your authors. Elsevier: San Diego, CA. (Invited contributor.)

Hall, H. (2003). Collaboration in practice: factors for success. Information World Review, October, 20.

Hall, H. (2000). Managing Information Report Meeting managers’ information needs, Journal of Documentation, 56(1), 97-100.

Hall, H. (1997). The online manual: a practical guide to business databases. (Review of The online manual, Learned Information, 1996), UKOLUG Newsletter, March/April 1997, 25-26.

Hall, H. (1996). The Burwell Directory of Information Brokers (Review of the Burwell Directory of Information Brokers, Burwell, 1996) UKOLUG Newsletter, November/December 1996, 23-24.

Hall, H. (1994). Gale directory of databases, Managing Information, October 1994, 1(10), 55-56.

Hall, H. (1994). IIS news… Inform, September 1994, 3.

Hall, H. (1991). Colleges and polytechnics: concise and powerful guidelines. (Review of Guidelines for college and polytechnic libraries, Library Association Colleges of Further Education and Higher Education Group, 1991) Library Association Record, 93(8) August 1991, 538.

Hall, H. (1991). New serial for inter-library loan staff. (Review of Journal of Interlibrary Loan and Information Supply) Library Association Record, 93(3) March 1991, 148.

Hall, H. (1990). Tackling book supply problems. (Review of Book delivery: a survey, Catherine Cope, 1990) Library Association Record, 92(8) August 1990, 592.

Hall, H. (1990). Interlending conference papers. (Review of Interlending and document supply: proceedings of the first international conference 1988 Graham P. Cornish and Alison Gallico, 1989) Library Association Record, 92(7) July 1990, 520.

Hall, H. (1990). Interlending bibliography. (Review of Cumulative bibliography on interlending and document supply, Graham P. Cornish (comp) 1989) Library Association Record, 92(7) July 1990, 520.

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