Love your city, share your stories: Hamilton’s digital storytelling initiative presentation by Dr Brian Detlor, 16th July

Love your city, share your stories

An invitation

On Thursday 16th July 2015 the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University is hosting a seminar led by Dr Brian Detlor on digital storytelling and libraries.

If you would like to attend, please email Hazel Hall ( to reserve a place.

About the talk

Digital storytelling – the art of telling stories with the use of digital media – is a new opportunity for libraries to help exercise their capacity to be leaders, establish a sustainable and authentic relationship with the public, and deliver enhanced services that users expect.

In this talk, Dr Brian Detlor of McMaster University will discuss his research and involvement with the Love your city, share your stories digital storytelling initiative in Hamilton, Canada led by the Hamilton Public Library, McMaster University Library and the City of Hamilton.

Dr Brian Detlor

Dr Brian Detlor

The initiative involves the capture and dissemination of digital stories from Hamilton citizens concerning significant cultural and historical icons in a wide variety of digital formats, and the use of library resources (for example, photographs, geo-coded digital maps, archival material) to enrich and support the digital stories produced. The initiative is viewed as a critical community-based mechanism by which to promote the City of Hamilton’s cultural identity and contribute to the preservation of Hamilton’s history.

Dr Detlor will describe his experience and thoughts conducting such a community-based research project, the benefits of digital storytelling to both libraries and the public, and how digital storytelling can help libraries embrace the opportunities and challenges posed in the digital age. A portion of his talk will discuss his role as Faculty Member in Residence at McMaster University Library that served as the “seed” that led to Dr Detlor’s work on the digital storytelling initiative itself.

About the speaker

Dr Brian Detlor is an Associate Professor of Information Systems at the DeGroote School of Business and the Chair of the McMaster Research Ethics Board at McMaster University in Canada. His research interests lie at the intersection of users, information, and information systems. His research projects investigate topics such as digital storytelling, information literacy, and the adoption and use of information systems. He currently teaches courses in electronic business, project management, and qualitative research methods.

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