This is what a STEMinist looks like

This is what a STEMinist looks like: Hazel Hall

This is what a STEMinist looks like: Professor Hazel Hall, Edinburgh Napier University

Equate Scotland has launched a new social media campaign to tackle gender stereotyping and combat misconceptions about women and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Women and gender equality champions have been asked to post photos of themselves in their STEM environments: a university, college, office, laboratory, or construction site. Equate Scotland wants to promote the idea that diversity in STEM is not an anomaly, but instead a shared goal.This is what a steminist looks like

For this reason today I posted to Twitter a photograph of myself at the desk that I use when I work at home. Here it can be seen that I am proudly wearing my steminist T shirt.

If you would like to see other women doing the same kind of thing, check Twitter for the hashtag:


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