Richard Godden joins the Platform to platform team

Richard Godden

Richard Godden

Just ahead of its formal start date of 2nd February 2022, I am delighted to share the news that Richard Godden will be contributing to Phase 1 of our Platform to platform (P2P) project. Richard is to play the newsreader in the non-fiction narrative podcast series based on the World War II diary of Lorna Lloyd. His role will comprise recording contemporaneous print news coverage of the events that Lorna chronicles in her diary.

Richard’s interest in acting was first encouraged at school in Edinburgh. However, he considers his first ‘proper’ role ‘a frightened and half-naked Pict’ in a University of Manchester production, played when an undergraduate.  After he completed his studies in Manchester and returned to Scotland, Richard joined the Edinburgh People’s Theatre and the Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group (Edinburgh Grads). Over the past three decades he has played many leading roles, including Salieri in Amadeus, George in Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf, and Richard III in – of course – Richard III.

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