Google+ and library and information professionals: invitation to contribute to research project

Google+-logoThis is a call to fellow library and information professionals to contribute to a research project on the use of Google+. If you work in the library, information and knowledge sector, please read on to learn more about the project and how you can contribute to it.

The survey is being used to collect data for a project entitled Social platforms as business tools: An investigation into the use of Google+ by librarians for their professional development and in library and information services delivery. This is being undertaken by Edinburgh Napier University student Grant Charters. Grant is keen to consult with a range of professionals who work in libraries and information services to find out about their use on Google+ for their own professional development, and/or to support services delivery.

Grant Charters

Project student Grant Charters

Grant will be delighted if you can contribute to the project by completing the short survey. It should only take about 5 minutes to answer the questions. All responses will be anonymised and no individuals will be identifiable in the written report of the project to which the results contribute. If you are able to spread the word of the survey to other professional colleagues, this will also be appreciated. The survey link is at

For more information about the project please feel free to contact Grant at

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