Tackling gender inequality from the classroom to the boardroom #ERIgender

Today I’m taking part in a workshop entitled ‘Tackling gender inequality from the classroom to the boardroom’ hosted by the Employment Research Institute (ERI) at Edinburgh Napier University. My presentation draws on my experience of leading Athena SWAN work at Edinburgh Napier. Amongst the other expert speakers are:

We will be debating a number of issues such as:

  • The underlying reasons for gender stereotyping in education
  • The impact of such gender stereotyping on the labour market
  • How gender stereotyping limits career opportunities for individuals
  • The wider impacts of gender stereotyping on society at large
  • Approaches to achieve sustained change with respect to gender imbalance in educational settings and the workplace

The hashtag for the event is #ERIgender. My slides (posted below) are also available on SlideShare.

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