Knowledge management, culture and Freiraum: Auernhammer and Hall’s article available in final published version

On September 19th I wrote that my colleague Dr Jan Auernhammer and I had just learnt that our article “Organizational culture in knowledge creation, creativity and innovation: towards the Freiraum model” had been accepted for publication by the Journal of Information Science. This work considers established concepts from the domain of knowledge and creativity management, and extends these to deepen understanding of how aspects of organizational culture, including leadership and social conditions, influence organizational performance in terms of (a) improving knowledge creation processes related to creativity, and (b) fostering innovation. It is based on a large empirical study conducted within a large German manufacturing firm.

The article has now made its way through the Journal of Information Science’s editorial process and its final published version is available from Sage on its OnlineFirst service. Subscribers (including CILIP members) can now download the final version article free of charge. (If you are not a subscriber, you can pay a fee to access the final version of the paper. Alternatively you may prefer to download the version accepted for publication, available without fee.)
JIS OnlineFirst screenshot

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