Latest outputs from CSI projects completed in summer 2012

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Summer 2012 was a very busy time as I brought three projects hosted within the my research centre to a close: (1) the implementation of the Library and Information Science Research Coalition in July; (2) RiLIES2, also in July; and (3) the Developing Research Excellence and Methods project in August.

Some further outputs of these project have recently been published. All three projects are considered in an article in the current issue of Business Information Review:

Hall, H., Irving, C., & Cruickshank, P. (2012). Improving access to Library and Information Science research: maximising its relevance and impact to practitioners. Business Information Review, 29(4), 224-230. (DOI 10.1177/0266382112470413.) [PDF of manuscript available; full text of published version available from Sage.]

The full project report of RiLIES2 is now available, as is an article published in Library and Information Research on the findings of the poll conducted as part of the study:

Cruickshank, P., Hall, H. & Irving, C. (2012). The right resources to support LIS research: findings from the RiLIES2 project poll. Library and Information Research, 36 (113), 24-31. [Full text of published version available.]

Over the past few months I have also been working with Dr Louise Cooke of Loughborough University on a paper related to the DREaM project. It (1) reviews the value of Social Network Analysis (SNA) as a method appropriate to library and information science research, and (2) uses SNA to investigate the effectiveness of a framework of methods adopted by the DREaM project to develop researcher-practitioner networks. We report in our paper that the combination of linked workshops and use of social media throughout the DREaM project was successful in increasing the density of the researcher networks, and forging new connections among participants, and that SNA is a useful technique in investigating network development. The paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Documentation:

Cooke, L. & Hall, H. (2013 in press). Facets of DREaM: a Social Network Analysis exploring network development in the UK LIS research community, Journal of Documentation, 69(6).

I am looking forward to speaking about all three projects, their outcomes and impact at an event organised by Dr Jessica Bates at the University of Ulster on Wednesday 13 March 2013:

Hall, H. (2013). Leadership in libraries: tying library and information science research to practice. Presentation to the University of Ulster, Jordanstown campus, 13 March 2013.

For further information about the three projects, please follow the links below:

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