Risks of disclosing personal information online: new paper by Dr David Haynes (Napier) and Dr Lyn Robinson (City)

Congratulations to my Centre for Social Informatics colleague Dr David Haynes and his co-author Dr Lyn Robinson of City University on the ‘online first’ publication of their paper ‘Delphi study of risk to individuals who disclose personal information online’. In their paper, the authors identify four priority areas for research into personal online risk: (1) personalisation versus privacy; (2) responsibility for privacy on social networks; (3) measuring privacy risk, and (4) perceptions of powerlessness and resulting apathy.

This work is one of the outputs of David’s UK Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Fellowship supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Office of the Chief Science Adviser for National Security. David completed the fellowship at City University at the end of 2019, immediately prior to joining us as a lecturer in the School of Computing at Edinburgh Napier University in January 2020.

The full paper is currently available in full text or as a pdf from the Journal of Information Science web site. The pre-publication version is also freely accessible from the Edinburgh Napier University repository.

Haynes, Robinson, delphi study, abstract

The paper is available ‘online first’ from the Journal of Information Science

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