Frances Ryan performs at Bright Club Edinburgh

Brightclub Edinburgh poster

Update 29th February 2016: a video of Frances’ excellent performance is now available on YouTube. Frances also writes about the experience of presenting her research in stand-up format on her blog Just a PhD.

Good luck to Centre for Social Informatics PhD student Frances Ryan, who is performing tonight at The Stand Comedy Club as part of a Bright Club Edinburgh show.

Billed at ‘the thinking person’s variety club’, Bright Club is a stand-up comedy programme that features features scientists, academics and others with specialist knowledge promoting public engagement with their research.

The Edinburgh group is one of many across the UK set up since the launch of the concept at University College London in 2009.

Frances will use her eight minutes in the limelight tonight to joke about her (very serious) research on the role of online information in personal reputation management. She will be one of six performers who will cover a range of topics to include social media, mediocrity, sin and lasers. The show itself start at 8:30pm (doors open at 7:30pm). Tickets cost £5.

Follow Brightclub Edinburgh on Twitter at @BrightClubEDN.

Bright Club Edinburgh banner

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