Congratulations Dr Frances Ryan!

Dr Frances Ryan

Dr Frances Ryan (photo credit Harry Elwin)

Congratulations to Dr Frances Ryan, who was awarded her PhD at the Edinburgh Napier University graduation ceremony at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh today. I was Frances’ Director of Studies, her second supervisor was Alistair Lawson, and third supervisor Peter Cruickshank.

Frances’ thesis is entitled Reputation management in a digital world: The role of online information in the building, management, and evaluation of personal reputations. In her research Frances investigated two broad themes: (1) the means by which people evaluate or assess the personal reputations of others from the online evidence available to them and (2) how people manage their own personal reputations through their use of online information, and the extent to which those behaviours are intentional. These themes are addressed with reference to the broader information science literature on information behaviour and use, including aspects of bibliometric research that focuses on citation practice and citation analysis. For further information on Frances’ doctoral research and related publications/presentations, please see her blog at

Frances’ remarkable journey to PhD was reported by the Edinburgh Evening News this afternoon in a piece entitled Grad walking tall as she collects PhD ten years after tragically losing husband. As well as making reference to the special pair of shoes that Frances decorated for the graduation ceremony, the story also acknowledges the support offered to Frances by her friends over the course of her degree registration.

Frances was delighted that these friends were able to congratulate her in person on her success today, first at the ceremony, and then for lunch at Contini on George Street. It was also an honour for me to join in these extended celebrations on a very happy day for us all.

Dr Frances Ryan and friends

Dr Frances Ryan (in her special shoes) and friends at the Usher Hall

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