Follow #lisrival today to join the first RIVAL Network event remotely

Today Dr Bruce Ryan and I are hosting the first of the four Royal Society of Edinburgh funded Research Impact Value and Library and Information Science (RIVAL) network events at Edinburgh Napier University’s Sighthill campus.

Over the course of the day, delegates will participate in four main activities: engaging with two formal conference presentations by (1) Dr Sarah Morton (Matter of Focus). and (2) Martina McChrystal (University of Glasgow); preparing and (in some cases delivering) informal ‘unconference’ style presentations (6 delegates, to be decided by lunchtime); networking with one another; and (4) feeding into the development of the RIVAL network and its future events.

RIVAL event 1 content

RIVAL event 1 content

If you would like to follow the proceedings over the course of the day, please keep an eye on the Twitter hashtag #lisrival.

The slide deck for my introduction at 10:30 is already available on Slideshare. The slides for the two formal presentations by Sarah (to be delivered 10:45-11:30) and Martina (13:45-14:15) are also ready for preview/review from my Slideshare account.

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