Spreading the news of RIVAL at the SCURL and CILIPS 2021 conferences, and in Information Professional

This year’s annual conference of the Scottish Confederation of University and Research Libraries (SCURL) takes place online on Wednesday 9th June 2021. Registration are free of charge on EventBrite.

The conference will bring together SCURL members to share ideas and experiences to shape library services in the future. There will be a particular focus on adaptations and innovations across SCURL libraries during the past year, taking into account the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on library service delivery.

I’m pleased to have been invited to contribute to the SCURL conference programme. In the morning I’ll be giving a presentation on the RIVAL project entitled ‘Connecting, collaborating, creating, and COVID19: building a network of library and information science researchers and practitioners during a pandemic’. The content of my presentation will draw on an evaluation of the RIVAL project that was completed by a team of RIVAL members in March 2021.

Information Professional article

This is one of three dissemination activities following the last of the four RIVAL project events, which concluded on 12th February 2021.

Other RIVAL dissemination activities are the presentation that my colleague Dr Bruce Ryan will be giving at the CILIPS conference on Tuesday June 8th 2021, and an article by another team of RIVAL members that was published in the March 2021 issue of Information Professional.

In due course, we also hope to write a paper on the RIVAL project for submission to, and eventual publication in, an international peer-reviewed journal.

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