What’s your reputation? Newly published research on parallels between academic and personal reputation building, management and evaluation


Build, manage, and evaluate: information practices and personal reputations on social media platforms, has just been published in the December 2019 issue of Information Research. I co-authored this paper with Dr Frances Ryan, Peter Cruickshank, and Alistair Lawson. Its content draws on some of the findings from Frances’ doctoral study on the use of online information in the management of personal reputation.

Forty-five UK-based social media users contributed data for analysis in the study by keeping journals of their interactions with social media over a specified period, and by taking part in semi-structured interviews. The analysis of these data reveals that, in broad terms, social media users replicate the established information practices of academics when evaluating personal reputations in informal online environments.

This work was originally presented at the 10th Conceptions of Library and Information Science (CoLIS) conference in Ljubliana, Slovenia in June 2019. The slides for the conference presentation are available on SlideShare and below.

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