Edinburgh Napier University joins the international iSchools network

iSchools logo - red text stating 'iSchools'

Congratulations to Professor Diane Pennington and Dr Debbie Meharg of the Social Informatics Research Group at Edinburgh Napier University. With the support of the Dean Professor Peter Andras, they have led the work that has resulted in the recent acceptance of the University’s School of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment (SCEBE) as a member of the international iSchools network.

The focus of the iSchools network is the strengthening of all aspects of research and teaching in Information Science worldwide. This fits with Social Informatics Research Group‘s long track record of work that provides critical perspectives on, and analysis of, information and communication technology trajectories, and sociotechnical and organisational issues.

Prior to formal acceptance as a member of the network, members of the Social Informatics Research Group have participated at iSchool events, most notably the annual iConference. For example, PhD students Rachel Salzano and Marina Milsosheva both took part in the iConference doctoral colloquium in 2022 and 2021, Marina has also presented posters at the past two iConferences (see Centre for Social Informatics at iConference 2022 and iConference acceptances for Marina Milosheva and Rachel Salzano), and Dr Peter Cruickshank served as a mentor at the iConference doctoral colloquium in 2020.

The next iConference starts on Monday 13th March 2023 with a virtual academic programme until 17th, followed with an on-site programme in Barcelona between 27th and 29th. Two members of the Social Informatics Research Group will be presenting at the iConference this year. Professor Diane Pennington will be speaking about a doctoral study that she supervised in her previous role at the University of Strathclyde, and Marina Milsosheva will be joining the doctoral colloquium for the third year in succession, this time as a final year PhD student.

For further information about Edinburgh Napier University‘s acceptance as a member of the iSchool network, please see the news release on the University web site, and the post on the Social Informatics blog.Edinburgh Napier joins prestigious international information network

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