Centre for Social Informatics at iConference 2022 #iConf2022 #iConf22

iconference banner 2022The 2022 iConference opens today, with sessions running throughout the week until Friday 4th March. Hosted online by University College Dublin, Kyushu University, and the University of Texas at Austin, the 2022 conference theme is ‘Information for a better world: shaping the global future’.

Two PhD students from the Centre for Social Informatics are participating at the conference. Last October Rachel Salzano and Marina Milosheva submitted successful applications to take part in the doctoral colloquium. They are both looking forward to discussing their research this week with other doctoral students in the Europe/Africa doctoral colloquium chaired by Dr Ben Cowan of University College Dublin. To find out more about the activities of the session, head over to Rachel’s blog post ‘3-minute thesis? Challenge accepted’.

In addition, Marina will be presenting a poster the conference, co-authored with her supervision team members, i.e. with me, Professor Pete Robertson, and Dr Peter Cruickshank. Entitled ‘A sequential explanatory methodology for the study of young people’s career information literacy and career information behaviours’, this work centres on the research methodology deployed in Marina‘s doctoral study. A 10-page extended abstract of the poster is available for download from the Edinburgh Napier repository, as is a pdf of the poster itself. For further information about Marina‘s contributions to the conference, please see the post Preparing for the 2022 iConference on Marina’s PhD blog.

Milosheva Hall Robertson Cruickshank 2022 iConference poster #iConf22

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