Looking forward to Information Seeking in Context 2016 (#ISIC2016)

Information Seeking in Context (ISIC) 2016 takes place in Zadar, Croatia 20-23 September 2016. The programme for the conference is now available. Four research students from the Centre for Social Informatics will be making contributions at this event. They are Iris Buunk, Lyndsey Jenkins, John Mowbray, and Frances Ryan.

All four students are taking part in the doctoral workshop. In addition, Lyndsey and John are presenting posters on their doctoral work, and Iris and Frances are delivering papers that they have co-authored with their supervisors. The two papers will subsequently be published within the conference proceedings in a special issue of Information Research:

Iris Buunk & Frances Ryan

Iris Buunk and Frances Ryan will present papers at #ISIC2016

There is further information about ISIC 2016 on the conference web site, including details of registration, which is open until 20th August 2016. Follow ISIC 2016 on Twitter at @ISIC2016.

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