Love your PhD #PhDates

#PhDate logoDo (did/would) you love your PhD? Last week a number of Edinburgh Napier University PhD students celebrated Valentine’s Day by explaining why they are passionate about their doctoral research. Amongst them was one of the students that I supervise: John Mowbray.

John is conducting ESRC-funded research that explores the networking behaviours of young job seekers from an information behaviour perspective. He is one of two students in my research group whose work is co-sponsored by Skills Development Scotland. (The other is Lyndsey Jenkins.)

See the #PhDate post on the Edinburgh Napier web pages to read about:

  • John’s passion for Information Science research;
  • How the strong external reputation of Edinburgh Napier’s Centre for Social Informatics and his director of studies attracted John to apply to Napier to undertake a PhD;
  • John’s desire for the findings of his thesis (due to be submitted later this year) to make an impact.

John has also written a short review about taking part in the #PhDates campaign on his own web site.

John Mowbray

John Mowbray

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