RIVAL returns! Follow #lisrival today follow to hear the latest from the RIVAL network on research, impact, value and LIS

Today Dr Bruce Ryan and I are hosting the second of the four Royal Society of Edinburgh funded Research Impact Value and Library and Information Science (RIVAL) network events. The members of the RIVAL network are meeting in central Edinburgh at St Cecilia’s Hall from 10:00 onwards to discuss the impact and value of library and information science research and – in particular – the ways to maximise this in practice.

Today’s programme includes:

#lisrival event 2 contentIf you would like to follow the proceedings over the course of the day, please keep an eye on the Twitter hashtag #lisrival. If you would like to follow particular sessions, the timings can be seen in the Event 2 programme.

(*The programme for Event 3 on 19th March 2020 has already been decided.)

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