Newly published: autumn 2019 edition of the Centre for Social Informatics flyer

We have a newly updated Centre for Social Informatics flyer for autumn 2019. Please follow the link to read about the work of our group, including details of research expertise, funders, recent PhD completions, and recent publications. The flyer includes profiles of the academic and research staff within our group:

  • Professor Hazel Hall
  • Dr David Brazier (newly appointed to Edinburgh Napier University this term)
  • Pritam Chita
  • Peter Cruickshank
  • Dr Wegene Demeke
  • Callum Egan
  • Dr Laura Muir
  • Dr Bruce Ryan
  • Dr Frances Ryan
  • Dr Colin Smith
  • Dr Ella Taylor-Smith
  • Dr Gemma Webster

Also profiled are our current research students:

  • Najla Alamri, studying interactive education for female students in Saudi Higher Education
  • Leo Appleton, studying the value and impact of UK public libraries in the Information Society
  • Iris Buunk, studying tacit knowledge sharing in the public sector
  • Lynn Killick, studying the future of the population census and its role in informing the good society
  • John Marshall, studying work-based learning environments (WBLE) for fostering industry-relevant skills and optimal economic performance (currently in year 1 of his 1+3 PhD programme)
  • Marina Milosheva, studying career information literacy and career decision-making skills of young people (currently in year 1 of her 1+3 PhD programme)
  • Lyndsey Middleton, studying workplace learning and innovative work behaviour
  • Rachel Salzano, studying the influence of culture on the use of public library resources amongst immigrant and refugee populations (just joined us in October 2019)
  • Katherine Stephen, studying workplace metaskills development

Many thanks to Dr Frances Ryan for designing the flyer and gathering all the information for this updated version for autumn 2019.

Centre for Social Informatics colleagues

Centre for Social Informatics colleagues: Lyndsey Middleton, Katherine Stephen, Dr Laura Muir, and Dr Frances Ryan

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