How does engagement with an archive differ depending on its digital format? Preview of presentation on Lorna Lloyd’s Diary of the war at #ARA2022

This afternoon, I am delivering a paper on the Platform to platform (P2P) project at the Archives and Records Association’s annual conference, 2022 in Chester. In my presentation, I will be addressing two main questions.

  1. How do people engage with an archive digitised as a ‘performance’ in a non-fiction podcast series?
  2. How does this engagement compare with that when the audience accesses the same core archive material as online text and images?

In addition, I will consider whether or not is it worth the effort of deploying the podcast format for presenting archive material per se. I’ll  be using the term ‘per se’ here because podcasts are more commonly used in cultural and digital heritage work as tools for public engagement, for example to introduce, showcase, or discuss materials in a collection. In this paper I’ll be talking about the presentation of a single archive in full as a podcast series: Lorna Lloyd’s Diary of the war.

For a sneak preview of the presentation material, please see the slides on SlideShare.

The full abstract of the paper, co-authored with my colleagues Dr Bruce Ryan and Dr Iain McGregor, is also available from the Edinburgh Napier University repository.

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