Culture and public library use amongst newcomer populations: two contributions from Rachel Salzano at #iconf21

Rachel Salzano

Rachel Salzano

In Week 2 of the 2021 iConference, Rachel Salzano will be the second of our Centre for Social Informatics PhD students to make contributions to the event. Like first year Marina Milosheva, second year Rachel is delivering two formal presentations, as well as participating as a delegate in a range of conference sessions.

Rachel will take the stage (or rather the screen) for the first time at the iConference today in Doctoral Colloquium Session 2. Here Rachel will discuss the progress of her doctoral study on the effect of culture on public library use in newcomer populations. Her focus will be the pilot study completed in preparation for the main empirical component of her doctorate. The content of Rachel’s presentation builds on earlier work that was presented/published last year: (1) as a poster at ISIC2020 six months ago, and (2) as a poster summary in Information Research at the end of 2020. The slides for Rachel’s presentation iConference doctoral colloquium today are available on Slideshare and below.

Rachel is also participating in an iConference workshop entitled Migration and (re)settlement: furthering the i-research agenda. This takes place over two days: all day on 27th March 2021, with follow-up on Wednesday 31st. Here researchers and professionals from the information fields and related disciplines will reflect on their research on migration and (re)settlement, with an emphasis on information practices, ICT use, and forms of engagement and learning. The aim of the workshop is to develop the research agenda so that it adopts a participatory, migrant/refugee-centred approach. Rachel‘s main contribution to the workshop will be a lightening talk in a session entitled ‘Current challenges in forced migration research: capturing narratives’. To find out more about this, please see the post Ethics and research on the PhD musings section of Rachel’s web site Librarian sans library.

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