Knowledge co-creation, and career information literacy: two contributions from Marina Milosheva at #iconf21

iConference 2021 launched yesterday, and the first of the two Centre for Social Informatics PhD students who will be making contributions to the event is about to take the (online) stage.

PhD student Marina Milosheva will be available to answer questions about her poster The socio-material nature of careers work: an exploration of knowledge co-creation amongst career practitioners in the conference chatroom at the first of three poster sessions today (with the others taking place next week on 24th and 26th March).

The topic of Marina’s poster is career knowledge co-creation as an assemblage of information and socialisation practices. Its content draws on empirical work that Marina undertook last academic year with Scotland-based career practitioners. Marina wrote up this work in the dissertation that she submitted for her MSc(R) qualification (the +1 year of her ESRC/Skills Development Scotland sponsored 1+3 PhD*, for which she was awarded a distinction).

Marina Milosheva #iconf2021 #iconf21 poster knowledge co-creationMarina’s other contribution to iConference 2021 will be made at the doctoral colloquium session on 30th March. In a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation, Marina will introduce the topic of her PhD, the work that she has completed on her doctoral studies to date, and her plans for the future. She will also join in discussion of the doctoral work of the other students in the same session, all of who will be mentored by Kevin Crowston of Syracuse University School of Information Studies.

career information literacy decision making #iconf21 #inconf2021 Marina Milosheva*If you are interested in undertaking a fully-funded doctoral study under the same scheme as Marina, we currently have two studentships on offer: one on labour market intelligence, and the other on gendered career choices. Applications are due by Wednesday 31st March. Find out more in my recent blog post, and come and join us!

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