Four new projects for the Centre for Social Informatics

Social informatics research group blog headerCongratulations to Centre for Social Informatics colleagues Dr Peter Cruickshank, Dr David Haynes, Dr Bruce Ryan, and Dr Frances Ryan on securing internal Edinburgh Napier University funding for four new research projects.

The projects led by David, Bruce and Frances are supported by Starter Research and Innovation Grants offered by the Schools of Computing (SoC) and Engineering and Built Environment (SEBE). Peter’s project is supported by the University’s Research and Knowledge Exchange Fund 2021-22.

The research to be completed for David’s project Privacy, power, and regulation of the metaverse is concerned with the ways in which power imbalances between consumers and digital platforms might be addressed. With second year PhD student Natalie Wangler as the Research Assistant (RA), David will undertake a review of the literature of privacy models, regulatory modes, digital literacy, and market forces as lenses to examine power relationships in digital environments.

Bruce‘s new project is entitled Heritage organisations and podcasts: scoping study (HOPSS). The aim of HOPSS is to scope the research landscape on the role of podcasts in the work of heritage organisations. This will be achieved through the identification of the main sources and types of evidence available on the current use of podcasts by such bodies. The work will comprise a literature review followed by analysis of empirical data collected by interview from staff in heritage organisations active in podcasting. First year PhD student Marianne Wilson is the RA on this project. Two other members of academic staff are also involved: myself, and Dr Iain McGregor of SoC’s Centre for Interaction Design.

Frances is working with second year PhD student Marina Milosheva as RA on a project entitled eHealth tools and online information in the self-management of polycystic kidney disease. This project builds on Frances‘ doctoral work on online information behaviours and use. The study will involve literature review and empirical work with individuals who have polycystic kidney disease.

Bruce and Marina are both involved in the project led by Peter. Their work on Information literacy interventions impact framework focuses on informing future evaluation activities related to information literacy. The funding awarded to this project will allow for the three team members to add further to their expertise in, and reputation for, information literacy research.


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