Rachel Salzano to present poster on culture as a concept in LIS research at #ASIST2020

ASIST2020 logo Congratulations to Centre for Social Informatics PhD student Rachel Salzano on the acceptance of her poster submission for presentation at the (virtual) 83rd Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIST2020) next month. The submission, which Rachel prepared with two supervisors (myself and Dr Gemma Webster), is entitled ‘Coralling culture as a concept in library and information science research’. The abstract for Rachel’s poster reads:

Individuals’ cultural backgrounds influence their use of societal resources, including libraries. A literature search and review was completed on the treatment of culture in library and information science (LIS) in the body of work on information behaviour and use. While much of the literature reviewed cites culture as an important influence, few researchers define culture as a concept, nor do they explore in detail the factors that it comprises. In this body of work culture is primarily used in two ways: (1) to differentiate groups of library users; and (2) to draw attention to questions of integration.

The full text of the submission is available to download as a pdf from the Edinburgh Napier University repository.

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