Katherine Stephen to present at Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age

Katherine Stephen

Katherine Stephen

Congratulations to our Centre for Social Informatics colleague Katherine Stephen, who has recently learnt that her poster submission to Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age at the University of Cambridge next month has been accepted.

The purpose of the conference is to explore conceptions of tacit knowledge at a time when everyday life is increasingly augmented by artificial intelligence (AI). Katherine will present the research that she is currently undertaking for her Masters dissertation Metacognitive experiences of using AI in the workplace. (Katherine is completing her Masters degree at the University of Edinburgh as the first component of her 1+3 ESRC/SDS-funded PhD studentship on meta-skills maturity for future workplaces prior to joining us full-time in October to embark on her doctoral studies at Napier.)

In her Masters research Katherine examines metacognitive experiences – such as motivations, desire and fear – of a football coach and and a professional poet. Both have started to use some form of AI in their work, even though neither is based in a technology-focused workplace. Katherine intends to build a picture of the ways in which people react when interacting with information sources that evolve during use. She also expects that her research will provide insight into the role of self-understanding in the development of self-assurance and adaptability in changing workplaces.

Tacit Engagement in the Digital Age poster

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