The role of information in career development: latest output from Marina Milosheva’s doctoral study

Marina Milosheva

Marina Milosheva

The latest output from Marina Milosheva‘s ESRC/SDS funded doctoral study on career information literacy has recently been published in the Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC Journal). Marina is the lead author of ‘The role of information in career development‘ with her supervision team co-authors: Professor Pete Robertson, Dr Peter Cruickshank, and Professor Hazel Hall.

To date the theme of information in career development has received relatively little research attention. This new paper addresses this gap in the literature by reviewing publications from three domains – Career Studies, Organisational Studies, and Education – produced between 2000 and 2021. In many cases, although career information is referenced in this work, it is not the main focus. Instead career information is treated as a by-product of other phenomena. The authors of this newly published article contend that information should be treated as central, rather than peripheral, to career development processes.

The full citation for the paper is:

Milosheva, M.,  Robertson, P., Cruickshank, P. & Hall, H. (2021). The role of information in career development. Journal of the Institute for Career Education and Counselling 47(1), 12-20.

The full text can be downloaded directly from the Edinburgh Napier repository.

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