‘New information literacy horizons: making the case for career information literacy’: new paper published in Proceedings of 7th European Conference on Information Literacy

#ECIL2021 European Conference on Information Literacy 2021 conference proceedingsSelected papers from the European Conference on Information Literacy 2021 (ECIL2021) are now available in a set of conference proceedings published by Springer. Amongst these is the conference contribution co-authored by Edinburgh Napier University colleagues Marina Milosheva, Hazel Hall, Pete Robertson, and Peter Cruickshank on career information literacy (CIL), and distinctions between CIL and the concepts of workplace information literacy (WIL) and employment information literacy (EIL).

This new work draws on the literature review that Marina completed in 2020/21 in the first year of her ESRC/Skills Development Scotland sponsored doctoral study on career information literacy and the decision-making behaviours of young people.A video of Marina delivering this paper at the conference in September 2021 is also available, as are her slides. Copies of the full text of the manuscript of the paper can be downloaded from the Edinburgh Napier repository.

On April 19th 2022, the ECIL Board announced in a post on the ECIL2021 web site that the full ECIL 2021 conference proceedings would be freely accessible without charge for one month. The whole set can currently be downloaded as a PDF, or as an EPUB.

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