How useful are social media for job hunting? Publication in press with the Journal of Information Science

journal of information science coverUsing social media during job search: the case of 16-24 year olds in Scotland‘ is about the the value of social media in providing information opportunities to young people seeking employment. This co-authored paper has recently been accepted for inclusion in the Journal of Information Science.

Based on an analysis of interview and focus group data, Dr John Mowbray (University of Glasgow) and I reveal that:

  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the most used social media in job search
  • Platform use varies depending upon the type of job sought, e.g. part-time ‘student job’, full-time career development opportunity
  • Frequent social media use is linked with success in winning interview invitations
  • Young job seekers are more likely to recognise the value of social media for job search when this is highlighted by careers professionals and other advisors

The citation for the paper is: Mowbray, J. & Hall, H. (2020 in press). Using social media during job search: The case of 16-24 year olds in Scotland. Journal of Information Science. It is accessible from the Edinburgh Napier University repository as a full-text PDF manuscript.

This work is an output from Dr John Mowbray’s PhD, which was funded by the ESRC and Skilled Development Scotland, and completed in 2018. John’s full thesis The role of networking and social media tools during job search: an information behaviour perspective is also available from the Edinburgh Napier repository.

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