Social cognitive theory literature review article now in print

‘Applications and applicability of Social Cognitive Theory in information science research’ is now available in issue 51(4) (December 2019) of the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science (JoLIS). The article covers the origins and key concepts of Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) and its value to Information Science research. Particular reference is made to the applicability of SCT – and its applications – in studies of information-seeking behaviour and use, and knowledge sharing.

Co-authored by Lyndsey Middleton, myself, and Professor Robert Raeside, the article is based on a paper that Lyndsey presented at Information: interactions and impact (i3) in June 2017 (slides available on SlideShare).

If you do not have subscription to JoLIS, you can access the full manuscript of the article free of charge by downloading it from the Edinburgh Napier repository.

Social cognitive theory article abstract


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