What is career information literacy and what can it do for you? Seminar presentation by Marina Milosheva

career information literacy talk Marina Milosheva CPUT librariesToday Centre for Social Informatics PhD student Marina Milosheva is delivering a presentation entitled ‘What is career information literacy and what can it do for you?’ at the second Research and information literacy skills in the workplace seminar hosted by Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) Libraries.

In her presentation, Marina will introduce her doctoral study and supervision team (Peter Cruickshank, Pete Robertson, and Hazel Hall) and define ‘career information literacy’, distinguishing it from related concepts. She will also discuss the role of academics, librarians and policymakers in the development of career information literacy competencies.

For further information about the seminar and Marina‘s part in it, please see the post on the Edinburgh Napier University Social Informatics blog.

Marina Milosheva banner

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