Athena SWAN departmental bronze awards for Edinburgh Napier University #athenaswan

Congratulations to Edinburgh Napier University’s School of Computing (SoC) and the School of Engineering and the Built Environment (SEBE), both awarded bronze awards at yesterday’s Athena SWAN awards ceremony at Imperial College, London.

Athena SWAN awards ceremony July 2017

Athena SWAN awards ceremony July 2017

Athena SWAN is the Equality Challenge Unit’s charter for gender equality in higher education and research institutes. As part of its work, the Equality Challenge Unit grants bronze, silver and gold Athena SWAN awards to recognise work undertaken to address the barriers that may impede the career progression of both students and staff in such organisations. Continue reading

Winning ways: apply for that award

Like many others at this time of year I am now thoroughly sick and tired of the winter. Last weekend in Edinburgh was particularly poor with dismal dark skies overhead and a damp chill at ground level that seemed to rise up and penetrate my clothing no matter how well wrapped up I was. Each morning at this time of year I step out of my front door wondering whether this will finally be the day when I get a first real sniff of spring. As yet, no such joy.

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