National award recognises the Platform to Platform project: British Records Association Janette Harley Prize 2022 runner-up

LogoThe Edinburgh Napier University team that worked on the Platform to Platform (P2P) project to transform Lorna Lloyd’s Diary of the war into a podcast series is delighted to have learnt that this work has been highly commended as a runner-up for the British Records Association’s (BRA) 2022 Janette Harley Prize. This prize, awarded in memory of archivist Janette Harley (1951-2015), is intended to generate interest in archives, and raise awareness of research and achievements in the world of archives. Continue reading

Lorna Lloyd’s ‘Diary of the war’ podcast series launch event: review and resources

Bethany Ray plays Lorna Lloyd

Actor Bethany Ray, pictured here with the original  Diary of the war, plays her great-great aunt Lorna Lloyd in the podcast series

After several weeks of preparation, on Tuesday 24th May 2022 we launched the Diary of the war podcast series at Great Malvern Priory. This blog post provides a review of the launch. It also provides links to materials related to this event, and to the wider Platform to platform (P2P) project. (Please scroll to the bottom of the post for the full list of resources.)

The content of the podcast series episodes centres on 25 year old Malvern resident Lorna Lloyd‘s chronicle of the first 16 months of World War II, complemented with contemporaneous news coverage related to the events and issues that she discusses in her writing. A further four ‘bonus’ episodes that comprise a selection of Lloyd’s poetry are included in the series. Continue reading

Paper acceptance at the 2022 Archives and Records Association conference for Edinburgh Napier team #ARA2022

ARA Conference

My colleagues Dr Bruce Ryan, Dr Iain McGregor and I have recently learnt that a submission that we made this January has been accepted for the Archives and Records Association UK and Ireland 2022 conference. This event runs from 31st August to 2nd September 2022 in Chester. The draft conference programme for the conference is already available, and registrations open. Continue reading

Platform to Platform project progress March 2022

There has been some great progress over the past month on our AHRC Creative Informatics project Platform to Platform (P2P), particularly in respect of gathering content for the main output of the project: the non-fiction narrative podcast series based on the World War II diary of Malvern resident Lorna Lloyd, previously published online as the Blipfoto journal ‘LornaL’.

Platform to platform, P2P, Bethany Ray, Andras Peter, David Graham, James Eddowes, Michael Suttie, Alex Gencs

Actor Bethany Ray with Platform to Platform student team members Andras Peter, David Graham, James Eddowes, Michael Suttie, and Alex Gencs

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Save Blipfoto: how to automatically generate PDF files of your journal entries

This blog entry was originally posted on Tuesday 17th March 2015. It has since been edited to take into account the posting of the program that it describes to GitHub, and to provide links to short tutorial information on YouTube for non-programmers on how to run the program.

Yesterday many members of the Blipfoto community – myself included – were deeply unsettled by news that the company has gone into liquidation. Blipfoto has been integral to my everyday life for over three years. The thought that my daily routine is at risk is very upsetting. Finding a photographic subject, capturing a shot, uploading it, writing a little about my day, waiting for greetings from my fellow blippers, and catching up with the journals of others has become part of what I am.

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Between exhibition and contemplation: considering everyday routines on Blipfoto

blipfoto squareThis week my colleague Dr Eve Forrest has been participating at the Helsinki Photomedia conference in Finland. Today Eve is presenting our co-authored paper Between exhibition and contemplation: considering everyday routines on Blipfoto in a session entitled “Non-professional photography: practices and power”.

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Research into the practices of Blipfoto members

My colleague Dr Eve Forrest and I are currently undertaking a small study into the practices of the members of the online photography community Blipfoto. Last Thursday we met colleagues at Blipfoto’s Edinburgh office to confirm details for two focus group meetings of Blipfoto members (“blippers”). These will take place in Edinburgh next week on Thursday 6th February, with one in the afternoon, and the other in the early evening. (It is anticipated that some members may like to continue the conversation afterwards, so these meetings may well transform afterwards into mini-blipmeets.)

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Between exhibition and contemplation: exposing everyday entanglements within two online photography sites – Paper accepted for Helsinki Photomedia 2014

Photomedia conference logoMy colleague Dr Eve Forrest and I have just had a paper accepted for Helsinki Photomedia 2014: Photographic powers. The conference takes place 26-28 March 2014 at Aalto University. Our paper will consider some of the ways in which two contrasting online spaces – Blipfoto and Flickr – are both constructed and explored by users, and how the “performance” of photography further extends into different forms of display online. An abstract of our paper is available on the IIDI web site.

Blipfoto and Internet Librarian International 2013 #ili2013

Since January 2012 I’ve been a member of Blipfoto. If you haven’t come across this site before, Blipfoto is a simple concept. You set up a journal on the site, where you post a maximum of one photo a day. There is no obligation to post daily, but many blippers (yes, this is what they are called) do so, myself included. When they share their pictures, blippers also have the option of sharing text, such as stories, commentary and metadata to go with the picture of the day. As well as contributing their photographs and narrative, blippers enjoy looking at the postings of others, regardless as to whether or not they know these contributors beyond the online environment.

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