Information literacy and the digitalization of the workplace: new book to be published on 13th April 2023

Along with my co-authors Marina Milosheva, Pete Robertson, and Peter Cruickshank, I am excited to see that the details of Information literacy and the digitalization of the workplace are now available in Facet’s publishing catalogue.

The anticipated publication of the book next month on 13th April comes just over two years since its first editor Gunilla Widén (Åbo Akademi University, Finland) initially approached me about the possibility of contributing to this new work. The conversation ultimately led to the preparation of a chapter that draws primarily on some of the research that PhD student Marina Milosheva has undertaken for her ESRC/Skills Development Scotland funded doctoral study on career information literacy and career decision-making, and team discussions in Marina’s supervision meetings. In it we focus on the importance of employability information literacy and career information literacy to sustainable employment in largely digitised work environments.

Our chapter sits alongside nine others, as listed below:

  1. ‘Advancing theory on workplace information literacy’ by Farhan Ahmad and Gunilla Widén
  2. ‘Literature review: in search of the many meanings of information literacy’ by José Teixeira and Muhaimin Karim
  3. ‘Digital literacy in a post-digital era: rethinking ‘literacy’ as sociomaterial practice’ by Mika Mård and Anette Hallin
  4. ‘Methodological choices of information literacy at the workplace: qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods?’ by Shahrokh Nikou and Farhan Ahmad
  5. ‘Investigating information seeking and information sharing using digital trace data’
    by José Teixeira
  6. ‘Making do with limited transparency of sensitive information in secretive organizations: collective information literacy through hinting’ by Inti José Lammi and Anette Hallin
  7. ‘Information literacy competencies for career transitions in the digital age’ by Marina Milosheva, Hazel Hall, Peter Robertson and Peter Cruickshank
  8. ‘The importance of information literacy for work satisfaction in a world-wide-workplace context’ by Angela Djupsjöbacka, Jannica Heinström and Eva Österbacka
  9. ‘Entrepreneurs’ digital information sources selection: a perspective to impact of information literacy and generational differences’ by Thao Orrensalo, Malin Brännback and Shahrokh Nikou
  10. ‘Conclusion: workplace information literacy as the literacy of digital workplace’ by Isto Huvila, Gunilla Widén and José Teixeira

We are all looking forward to seeing physical copies of the book as soon as it is available next month.