When life imitates article (Everything is going to be alright)

Everything's going to be alright

Everything is going to be alright (2008) by Martin Creed, work 975 at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Modern One).

On 14th February 2018 I completed some revisions to a journal paper manuscript entitled ‘Blurred reputations: Managing professional and private information online‘. The paper was accepted for publication in the Journal of Librarianship and Information Science two weeks later on 28th February 2018 (and is now available for download from the Edinburgh Napier repository). Continue reading

The retweeting of online political content: call to complete the InGSoc Project survey

Many of us who blog (as I do here), and maintain presences on other social media (see my About.me profile), live quite openly online. We share our opinions with whoever wants to ‘listen’ to our multiple streams across various social media. However, bloggers/tweeters/blippers do not know exactly who is ‘listening’ to them, nor why the ‘listeners’ are engaged in the ‘listening’. Of course, on some platforms, such as WordPress, we can track our hits, monitor the routes that people take to reach our content, and watch click-through statistics. We also develop relationships with others who comment on our posts frequently and directly. But what of the others who listen but leave no trail?

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An afternoon of advice from Thesis Whisperer Dr Inger Mewburn

The Thesis Whisperer

The home page of the Thesis Whisperer web site

What do you do when you hear that the Thesis Whisperer, Dr Inger Mewburn, is coming to town? If you’re my colleague Karen Strickland, you do all you can to tempt her onto the Edinburgh Napier University campus to share with colleagues her enthusiasm for social media as a means of marketing academic research.

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