Congratulations Dr Louise Rasmussen and Dr Hannah Rudman

Dr Hannah Rudman and Dr Louise Rasmussen

Dr Hannah Rudman and Dr Louise Rasmussen in their graduation robes

Congratulations to Louise Rasmussen and Hannah Rudman who were awarded their PhDs at the Edinburgh Napier University graduation ceremony at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh today.

I was Louise’s Director of Studies. I served as second supervisor for Hannah alongside my colleague Professor David Benyon, who was her Director of Studies. Both students completed their doctoral studies part-time.

Louise’s thesis is entitled Tracing the adoption of a management innovation labelled ‘knowledge working’ in a public sector agency in Scotland. The main theme of Louise’s work is the process of adoption of management innovation – in this case Knowledge Management (KM) – in an organisational setting. Louise’s findings are drawn from primary research that explores, and considers in depth, the introduction of a KM programme within a large distributed public sector organisation. Her case study generated an account of the process of adoption of management innovation through three phases (initiation; implementation; and outcomes), the episodes within each phase, and decision-making across all phases. Louise modelled the process of the adoption of management innovation as a whole, with a focus on key implementation decisions and the power of organisational discourse throughout. This research has extended our knowledge of both the process of adoption of management innovations, and how KM is implemented, in large organisations.

Louise recently delivered a presentation on some of the work from her thesis at the 2015 Information: interactions and impact (i3) conference in Aberdeen, the slides from which can be found below.

Work is currently underway to submit an article on the work outlined in the presentation to the Journal of Information Science.

Hannah’s thesis is entitled A framework for the transformation of the creative industries in a digital age. In her doctoral research Hannah investigated the value of the AmbITion Approach as a change methodology for enterprises that seek to transform and build adaptability, taking into account environments characterised by continuous disruption due to the rapid and on-going introduction of digital technologies. The empirical study reported in the thesis covered a period of two years between 2012 and 2014 and involved 21 participant organisations. Hannah blended participatory action research (PAR) methods with modern management consultancy, design, and creative practices in her research approach.

The main findings of Hannah’s work contribute new knowledge on a specific set of constructs and criteria that define first, second, and third order change in creative enterprises. It established the value of the framework under scrutiny to prove and validate the change, adaptation, or transformation achieved. Hannah’s work also makes a contribution to conceptions of the practice of research by adding understanding of the value of PAR and design thinking approaches as methods for change.

Hannah recently delivered a presentation on some of the work from her thesis at the 10th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics in Bari, Italy. The full text of the paper is available, as is the abstract.

Love your city, share your stories: Hamilton’s digital storytelling initiative presentation by Dr Brian Detlor, 16th July

Love your city, share your stories

An invitation

On Thursday 16th July 2015 the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University is hosting a seminar led by Dr Brian Detlor on digital storytelling and libraries.

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Incorporating a research-minded approach to professional practice: opening keynote at EAHIL 2015 #researchminded

EAHIL tote bag logoOn 10th June 2015 I had the honour of opening the The European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) conference, held in Edinburgh in collaboration with the International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists (ICAHIS) and the International Clinical Librarian Conference (ICLC). This event is one of a series of biennial workshops and other related events designed to support healthcare librarians and information professionals in their work.

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Athena SWAN awards ceremony June 2015: a review in pictures #asawards

On Monday 15th June I set off with my colleague Dr Clare Taylor for a day trip to London to participate at the Athena SWAN awards ceremony for all who made successful Athena SWAN award submissions in November 2014. It was a long day: I was up before 4:00am to be sure to catch the tram to the airport in time for the 07:20am flight to London City Airport.

Flight BE1329 to London City airport

Flight BE1329 to London City airport

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DREaM Again project launch

DREaM again bannerIn 2011/12 I was Principal Investigator (PI) on the AHRC-funded DREaM project. The aim of this work was to develop a formal UK-wide network of Library and Information Science (LIS) researchers. The project ran from January 2011 to August 2012, and was supported by the Library and Information Science Research Coalition. We reported the initial successes of the DREaM project in a paper that I co-authored with Alison Brettle and Charles Oppenheim and presented at QQML 2012. Three years later, we are interested in any further lasting impacts of the project.

To this end I am working with my colleague Dr Bruce Ryan on a follow-up study that investigates any longer-term impact of DREaM, and the forms that such impact (if it exists) has taken. I mentioned these plans earlier in the month in a presentation at the Third International Seminar on LIS Education and Research, and then during my recent opening keynote paper at the 2015 EAHIL conference (the format of which was inspired by the DREaM project, and the event masterminded by Marshall Dozier, who was a member of the DREaM cadre).

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Athena SWAN awards ceremony June 2015

Athena SWAN logo

Edinburgh Napier University was granted an Athena SWAN bronze award earlier this year. This was following the assessment of a detailed application document that I submitted on behalf of the University in November 2014.

Athena SWAN is the Equality Challenge Unit’s charter for women in science. The charter recognises the commitment of universities to the advancement of women’s careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM). As part of its work the Equality Challenge Unit grants bronze, silver and gold awards to organisations that can demonstrate increasing levels of good practice in recruiting, retaining and promoting women in STEMM in higher education.

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The future of library and information science education and research: a view from Barcelona #liser2015

Third Seminar on LIS Education and Research logo

I spent Thursday 4th and Friday 5th June 2015 in Spain as a guest of the Faculty of Library and Information Science at the University of Barcelona. Here I was one of many academics from across the world invited to join the Faculty in the celebrations of its one hundredth anniversary. These were organised around an event billed as the Third International Seminar on Library and Information Science (LIS) Education and Research (LIS-ER).

Blaise Cronin keynote speaker

Blaise Cronin keynote speaker

The main theme of the meeting was education and research in library and information science. The opening keynote presentation was delivered by Dr Blaise Cronin, Emeritus Professor at Indiana University, and Visiting Professor at the Centre for Social Informatics at Edinburgh Napier University. There then followed a series of sessions on: LIS education in Europe; LIS education in America; LIS research in general; LIS academic journals; and research data. There was also an opportunity for those who contributed to a poster display to introduce their work in plenary. In this session the speakers invited delegates to visit an exhibition that displayed work on themes that ranged from open science to beach libraries for summer tourists.
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